• Portland USA

18th August 2008

Portland USA

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our hosts and TurgayWell originally Portland was not part of the plan but as we all know plans change and when you are travelling plans really are just rough outlines. We arrived in Portland in the late afternoon in the middle of one of the hottest days of the year with absolutely no plan what so ever. Turgay took a look around to find an internet café or somewhere to look at hotels while Amy waited with the luggage and had a rare flash of insight. Aunt Betsy (a former teacher of Amy’s and best friend to Amy’s aunt) was living in Portland with her daughter Kate and Bruce, a photographer that both Amy and Turgay had met on two previous occasions (he was the photographer who gave them the B.B. King photo they were able to get signed in Myrtle Beach). After two brief phone calls one to Kaki (Amy’s Aunt Katherine Gage) and the second to Aunt Betsy and Kate, they were in a taxi on their way to the house and at the insistence of Aunt Betsy they would be staying there.wading oneonta gorge
It was a wonderful weekend and Aunt Betsy, Kate, Bruce and their friend Pauley were the ultimate hosts, showing them around the area and the city and Pauley putting them up in his spare bedroom as Kate and Bruce’s was already occupied with their niece.
On Saturday after a wonderful pancake breakfast we all piled into the car and headed out to visit the Columbia River Gorge and the surrounding waterfalls (of which there are many). We had a wonderful viewing the gorge from different vantages before heading into the cooler realms of the forested waterfall area; finally we climbed over log jams and rocks to Oneonta Gorge. During or hike into Oneonta Gorge there was a point where the water was waist deep and only Bruce decided to forge ahead the others contented themselves to sit and watch the waterfall from a far. Betsy gets ready to drinkOn Sunday Aunt Betsy, Kate and Bruce took Amy and Turgay to explore downtown Portland. In downtown they went to the markets that have all sorts of different handicrafts, from artistic blown glass to different types of wearable “art” made from household kitchen items. They also visited one of the largest Aunt Betsy treated them all to lunch at a local café and brewery where they tried a beer sampler of eleven different types of beer. That evening after reluctantly said goodbye, with many many thanks or the great hospitality and hopes of seeing each other again soon, Amy and Turgay boarded a Greyhound bus bound for San Francisco.

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