• Saleapaga, Upulo Samoa

13th September 2008

Saleapaga, Upulo Samoa

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sunset at FaofaoAfter arriving in the ferry terminal on Upolu Amy and Turgay both took a bathroom break and thus missed the buses to Apia to catch a second bus to Saleapaga, so we took a taxi instead. This saved us many hours of travel time and allowed us a side trip to the Togitogiga Falls. This series of waterfalls is located in a park that is part forest and part manicured lawn. Being the dry season there was no water in the falls, not even a trickle. Arriving at our destination, FaoFao Beach Fales in Salepaga, in the early afternoon there was just time enough for a good walk on the beach and to dip our feet in the ocean before dinner.
Sua Ocean TrenchTo Sua Ocean Trench can be found nearby Saleapaga, the taxi to and from cost about 15 Tala and the entrance fee to the park was 20 Tala (10 Tala per person) for a total of a 35 Tala or 11 US Dollars. It was the best spent 11 dollars so far this trip. It is a spectacular place, a deep blue hole where the tides come in through a tunnel creating a slight ebb and flow in this wonderful swimming hole. Floating on your back in crystal clear turquoise water, you look up at walls of volcanic rock covered with ferns and bromeliads, as clouds drift across the sky above. Also in this park are many tide pools and walking paths along the rocks near the ocean’s edge.
After dinner on the second night at Fao Fao we were treated to some Samoan dancing by the wife and daughter of a village chief who were there with their family on vacation. Sharing a taxi with a peace core worker the next day we returned to Apia and prepared for our onward journey to Fiji.

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