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MA’ and PA’

After finally deciding to leave our jobs as artist models at National Art and Hobby in New Orleans, we were lucky enough to met Amy and Turgay, two people who share in our dream to travel the world. Being unable to realize our dream alone due to physical limitations on our part we decided to sponsor them in their dream. This sponsorship depended on the condition that they would agree to take us with them and record the experience for all to see.

That’s it everything we brought with us spread out on the bed. Turgay and Amy sure require a lot of things.

Everything packed and ready to go, Pa┬┤ and I are really happy that we don’t have to carry it.

Our means of communication, yes it’s heavy but Turgay’s carrying it.

To let you see what we see.

To let you hear what we hear.

For those rainy rainy days.

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  1. 1 On July 10th, 2008, betty moran said:

    I am amazed that this is on my computer…how long I do not know since I am a novice…but what fun..thanks..have you looked up Matt Harding..his site is whereintheworldismatt.com..making a fortune on his stupid dancing..You Tube. Maybe you can think of an angle to publish…how about a photo with a newspaper from each city (copy the TP) Or what about a photo with a bottle of Tabasco everywhere you eat…surely with our connections some of the trip can be underwritten…thought for fun. Love and enjoy Betty

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