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We Found!

As we travel, we thought we would share those things that we found along the way. Things we found funny or strange or just weird.
A place for those we found but couldn’t of didn’t take with us.

“Oh Lord I need coffee please!” Los Angeles/USA 30/08/2008

“PARK-ing METER” San Francisco/USA 23/08/2008

“The Newest in Grilling!” Calgary/CANADA 26/07/2008
they_found_15 by you.

“What would John Travolta say!” Calgary/CANADA 25/07/2008
they_found_14 by you.

“A Message From Management!” San Pedro De Sula/HONDURAS 07/07/2008

“Jungle for Adults!” La Ceiba/HONDURAS 05/07/2008

Famous Dr.John… Utila/HONDURAS 01/07/2008

Hounduras Tourism Police Powered by POWER RANGERS Copan/HONDURAS 23/06/2008
They Found in Copan Honduras 22/06/2008

Rotary Club No. 0001 Copan/HONDURAS 22/06/2008

Turkish movies are popular all over the world. Flores/GUATEMALA 09/06/2008

Showing the way to go.                                  Antigua /GUATEMALA 26/05/2008

Antigua /GUATEMALA 26/05/2008

LOCAL ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS – 1- (powered by Scrubs) Antigua /GUATEMALA 21/05/2008
They Found in Antigua Guatemala by you.



ALL ABOARD! Natchez/MISSISSIPPI 09/05/2008

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  1. 1 On July 11th, 2008, okan said:

    This is unbelievable!

    Amy , Turgay you kidding with us… I got jealous of you now and hope can do the same in the future.

    Thanks sharing all these with us..

    Bounvoyage! and take care!!


  2. 2 On August 4th, 2008, Utkan said:

    Slm Turgay & Amy,
    siz dondukten sonra bu resim ve hikayelerle bir kitap cikartin.. iyi satar.
    Gercekten cektiginiz fotolar harika. buraya koyduklariniz cektiklerinizin yuzde biri filandir herhalde. hepsini bir sunum halinde gormek dilegiyle. iyi yolculuklar.

  3. 3 On October 6th, 2008, Hande said:

    Ara vermeniz iyi olmustu aslinda, bizde k?skanclik duygularim?zi dinlendirdik o arada.
    Turgaycim, hatirlarmisin 10 yil kadar once sirketcek bizi evinde yemege cagirip, onumuze cokoprensleri koymustun hani…
    “Detayl? “Garifuna Tapado” tarifi için t?klay?n?z” baglantin beni o gunlere goturdu, benim gibi mide duskunune yaptigin ikinci yikim, hem daha cok tarif hemde baglanmis baglantilar isterim.

    Ikinizede iyi yolculuklar, mutlulukla…

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